Our Story

At the heart of our brand lies a story of two individuals, Ruchi and Viraaj, who felt like outsiders in the realm of skincare. Their skin didn't conform to the usual categories – Ruchi battled with acne and rosacea, while Viraaj grappled with eczema. Their journey was marked by countless struggles in finding skincare solutions that truly catered to their sensitive needs. In a market flooded with new products every day, the products seemed designed without consideration for sensitive skin, laden with heavy fragrances or ingredients that only exacerbated their conditions. Frustrated, they decided to take matters into their own hands. And thus, Skindulge was born.
Through Skindulge, you embrace a skincare ethos founded on science, compassion for animals, innovative practices and a deep respect for nature. Our logo's transition from thick to thin font signifies our dedication to creating hybrid products, streamlining your skincare routine by offering multifunctional solutions that require fewer products.

Our Philosophy

Meet Skindulge, a next-generation unisex skincare brand that introduces a range of products that focuses on inclusivity, innovation, and results all in one. With every product encapsulating unique and mindful formulations using uncommon yet miraculous ingredients, our range is made to show love to every gender, every skin type, every day.

 Our Vision

The birth child of India, Skindulge strives to establish a globally conscious skincare brand that holds I-beauty at its core. Every practice and product here reflects the very essence of this empowering trend.


A note from Co-founder

“You are truly heard, wanted and cared for, and we won't stop hustling until we unlock your dream skin.”

Ruchi Shah
Viraaj Shah