A Skin Cleanse for 12 Days of Christmas

A Skin Cleanse for 12 Days of Christmas

Get clean, clear and glowing skin this Xmas!


The season of fairy lights and their glow is upon us, and we're all prepping to make the most of it, aren't we? But as we bask in that holiday glow, it's only fair that we focus on bringing in that inner glow, too. Now, this not only points to that face radiance because of your inner glow but also one that shows on your face with that deep skin detox. On cue, here is a day-to-do little Christmas cleanse for lovers of that unmatchable natural skin flush.


Day 1: While this is a daily must-do for everyone, if you aren't already committed to a basic skincare regime, now would be the perfect time to begin. Don't forget to begin your day with an AM skincare routine and end it with a PM regime today and every day after that.


Day 2: Incorporate a fun workout into your daily routine today, whether it is breaking out into a dance in the middle of the day, practising yoga or going for a run. Get that body moving for that post workout glow.


Day 3: Drink green tea. Of course, this is a boon for the body, but it also helps improve skin elasticity, reduce inflammation, and protect you from sun damage.


Day 4: Spare 10 minutes today to meditate. Yes, this is for the mind, but you'd be surprised to know how much mental care can awaken your skin too.


Day 5: It's time to let socializing be a catalyst to your mental, physical, and in turn, skin health. Go out, meet your friends and family, have a laugh or two, and allow that happiness to translate on your face.


Day 6: Swap that cup of morning coffee with a detox drink. Add a couple of apple cider vinegar to 2 litres of water, add in a spoonful of honey, and sip on it throughout the day.


Day 7: Use a pampering but deeply exfoliating mousse-based face wash to cleanse your skin with deep pore cleansing as well, leaving your skin squeaky clean, soft, and healthier.


Day 8: Steam your face for about ten minutes for deep cleansing. This helps clean out your pores of all the dirt, dead skin cells, and grime, and leaves it looking and feeling healthy. 


Day 9: Use an overnight detoxifying face mask that is suitable to leave on for many hours. Wake up to a new glow the next morning.


Day 10: Add some cucumber, cilantro, mint leaves, water, lemon juice, salt and pepper into a juicer and blend it. Strain it and relish a glass of cold green detox juice, which is nothing but magic for your skin.


Day 11: Get a full body massage—let this release of tension and drainage of lymphatic nerves help de-stress your body, mind, and skin, giving you that natural internal glow.


Day 12: Invest in an at-home spa kit, and set out on a pampering evening routine that not only feels good but also treats your skin right.


All set to feel and look healthier before the new year begins?