Turn Your Winter Dryness into a Glow

Turn Your Winter Dryness into a Glow

We all love being enveloped in the blanket as the temperature takes a dip, don’t we? We also love the steaming cup of hot chocolate, and the long winter nights. But, as we bask in these perks, sadly, our skin has to take the wrath of the weather. We’re talking about that stubborn skin dryness that comes with:

                A rough texture

          Peeling of skin

          Fine lines

          Cracking skin

          Wrinkled and loose texture   

Now, of course, you have the vanity saviours like concealers, primers, and serums to the rescue here, but are they treating your skin dryness or simply covering it up. Well, you know the answer. It’s time to truly take care of that skin right from this very moment, so as to delay the ageing process and prevent the repercussions of this winter dryness. Keep scrolling to find out how you can do that.

Use Warm Water, Not Hot

Your skin can get dry and irritated from hot showers. According to Schaffer, the epidermis, the outermost layer of our skin, contains keratin cells that are harmed by the hot water. Dry skin results from the disruption of these cells, which hinders the cells from retaining moisture.

Use Non-Irritant and Gentle Face Cleansers

It is imperative to pick skincare products that are filled with non-irritant and beneficial ingredients. Go for gentle face cleansers that help clean out your pores off the dirt and dead skin cells but at the same time retain the natural oil of your skin.


Use Deep Hydrating Moisturizer

It’s inevitable for your skin to be a little dry when the temperature takes a dip. So, it’s important to stick to your strict AM and PM skincare regimen, where you include a deeply hydrating moisturiser. One that not only offers long-lasting and deep hydration but also battles skin’s dryness, effortlessly. Go for products infused with ingredients that are naturally hydrating like hyaluronic acid and more.


Don’t Underestimate Internal Hydration

How you fuel your body from within affects how your skin looks and feels from the outside. So, make sure you keep feeding your body with nutritional and energising beverages, whether it is a cup of herbal tea or kahwa tea, or fresh fruit juices.

Ready to bring that glow out?