All Things Summer - Destinations, Skincare, Clothing, and Coolers

All Things Summer - Destinations, Skincare, Clothing, and Coolers


The scorching sun may be a pain, but the summer boons definitely make up for it, don’t they?

As the air gets warmer, we let go of the sweats and swap them with breezy pieces instead. Coolers take the place of hot chocolate, SPF takes the top spot, and the colder cities become our favourite holiday destinations. Yes, that’s summer in a few sentences!

But the internet is brimming with what-to, how-to, and when-to of all things summer already. So, what do you follow? How many different tabs do you open? Yes, we’ve been there too, and that’s exactly why you’re reading this guide right here under one roof for all that you need this season.

Destinations to Wander Off To

1. Munnar : A green landscape with refreshing weather envelopes you when in these South Indian hills.

2. Rishikesh : This Yoga Capital of the World is a magnetic destination for adventure lovers as well as those seeking calmness and grounding.

3. Ladakh : With clear water lakes, snow-capped mountains, and a scenic experience, this one can never fail to be your topmost summer destination.

Skincare You MUST Shop

1. A daily multi-tasker : When we say that we don’t have time or patience to slather on layers of skincare, we bet you relate. So, you should also know why we’re fans of the Skindulge 3-in-1 Hydrator that lends you the benefits of a toner, serum, and a moisturiser in one. Bonus perk? It comes packed with 26 skin-loving ingredients!

2. SPF : This is something that MUST be on your skin when you leave your house and what should go with you in your purse too. Reminder: Layer it on every two hours to remain tan-free!

3. Fuss-free face wash : Summers call for face washes several times a day, right? But, is it really worth it to rub your regular face wash between your palms and also take in the germs and dirt there? We don’t think so. This summer, opt for a mousse face wash that prevents that germ transfer and keeps your skin soft all day long. What’s more? It comes with the power of 24 skin-loving ingredients, all of which contribute to giving your skin that instant freshness and glow, perfect for summers.

Closet Swaps You Need to Make

1. Linen for Silk : Let go of those summer stubborn fabrics and bring in easy breezy ones instead. Say, cotton, linen, and khaki!

2. Flowy for Bodycon : Yes, silhouettes matter too. Fabrics that stick to your body during summers will end up making you all the more sweater and irritable. Solution? Flowy and breathable silhouettes!

3. Flip-flops for Boots : Your feet are important too! Yes, boots may prevent feet tanning but they’ll also leave them bruised, rashed, and stinky. Instead, opt for flip-flops that keep them light.

Coolers that Must Be a Part of Your Day

1. Watermelon Cooler : his season is nothing but an excuse to sip on glasses on glasses of watermelon coolers. This one also keeps you cool through the heat and how!

2. Mango Cooler :Every Indian Summer is incomplete without mangoes in your meal and your drinks. These needs no more description!

3. Lemonade : Infuse your same old lemonade with a dash of asafoetida powder and pepper, and off you go!


So, all set now to take over this season in all its sizzling glory? Make sure you’re backed with the correct skincare essentials too!